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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Cath Kidson Pillow!


I hope you all had and are having a fantastic Christmas. For Christmas I made my cousin a beautiful cushion. It was made out of gorgeous Cath Kidson ballerina fabric and pink pretty spotty fabric on the back with cute little pom poms around the edge. She loves ballet and is very good at it, so it was like it was made for her!!! She loved it and she couldn't believe that I made it !!!!!!!
hope you have a great rest of christmas and enjoy the amazing weather!!!!!!
Merry christmas and a happy new year !!
love from Maisie xxxxxxxx

Monday, 30 December 2013

Cable pullover

I have been busy knitting a cable pullover, which has been dragging on for ages now, as I abandoned it ages ago to make all the baubles for the christmas fair. I have knitted the first half and it's all going well, apart from I have knitted the button hole wonky (ooops!), but Maisie said to just say that it's part of the design. Hopefully nobody should notice!! I was tempted to undo it but that would undoing around half of it and at the pace I am going this is not an option! Anyway, I have already casted off, so it's a bit late now!
I haven't started the other side yet as I have so many projects on the go, but at least I have done half of it!

New Swedish Wool!

For christmas I got a really nice bag full of swedish wool. They all look very lovely and feel AMAZING, but my favourite is a ball with loads of different colours on it which creates stripes for a baby hat. It doesn't come with a pattern but I am sure that I can work something out with the picture! I hope you had a great christmas and have a happy new year!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Finished Already!

I have finished the snood and I am really surprised that I have finished it so quickly as I never finish projects early! I thought that it would take a lot longer but it is looking really lovely. I really love the colour. I think that my grandma will really like it too. The snood is not sewn up yet because it is such thick wool so cannot fit through the eye of my sewing up needle but I am determind to get it through! I hope you like it. Merry Christmas!
P.S Arne and Carlos liked our blog! Yippee!!!


Love heart Cushion!

Yesterday I started a new project as a christmas present. Unfortunately, I can't tell you who it is for as it is a secret but in my first post after christmas I'll tell you! The cushion is going quite slowly as I was watching a christmas movie while doing it but I have done around fifteen rows in an hour so still not to bad, although I would have liked to go a bit quicker as it only 62 stitches. My cushion is made from a book from rowan winter warmers and is knitted in rowan lima. I had so much rowan lima because earlier on this year I thought I was going to do something in rowan lima and there was a sale on  in my local knitting and sewing shop so I bought lots of it, so it is nice to use something. If I was not using right it would still be sitting in a cupboard somewhere so I might as well use it. It is looking really nice but it is quite loose so had to do some surgery on the first few rows! Have a lovely christmas. Only a week to go!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Another snood!

My grandma has requested a snood and even though I haven't started yet I am sure I will get it finished by friday. That is a challenge! Here is the nice colour that I have chosen. Merry christmas!

Simply knitting!

Last weekend we got a comment from someone who said that she had just seen our blog in simply knitting, which is a knitting magazine (I think the title gives it away!). She also offered me a free pattern from her website called Slightly Sheepish! How nice is that! We didn't know we were in another magazine so we were very excited! We are on page 76 in a little section on blogs that they like and we were there! Yippee! Have a nice weekend.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

The christmas fair is over!

I can't believe that it is all over! All our work that has gone into it, all my 143 hours of knitting! It couldn't of gone better though! All of my 31 baubles sold apart from 1. Maisie sold all of her 8 pieces of christmas bunting and 2 of her normal buntings. Although Maisie's work is over it's not all over for me as I have 2 orders still to do! I thought that it would be horrible letting all my work go, but actually it feels like a weight's off my shoulders! I hope you have a nice rest of your weekend!


Friday, 29 November 2013

Mollie makes mama

A few weeks ago we were offered the chance to be in a new craft magazine called Mollie Makes mama. It is a lovely magazine so of course we grabbed the opportunity. Although the section isn't big, we are still in a magazine. We are on page 13 in the magazine. How exciting is that! It is now for sale. I am getting excited just thinking about it! We were called bloggers to watch and super talented. Yay!

1 day left!

Only 1 day left! Ahhhhh!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Arne and Carlos garden knits!

As it was my birthday on Tuesday, I got a few knit related presents. I got a new Arne and Carlos book called garden knits. It's also a crochet book which I am hoping to learn soon ( fingers crossed!) It has some really lovely things in it. I especially like some of the garden characters! My favourite characters are the mice. I also really love the knitted handles for the little spades and the lovely crocheted blanket. Will need to learn to crochet before I can make the blanket though!

5 days to go!

                                                           Only five days!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

All sewn up!

They are all done. I cannot crochet yet, so my friend's mum has crocheted them all. Yippee!! If you have a look at the photos at the bottom you will see her in action on one of the first few. It has just hit me that we have less than two weeks to go. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! Now I am getting worried! I hope I have done enough. I have to start thinking how I am going to present them. There is a trug which they have been sitting in since the start which may be the easier option!! It really feels like Christmas now. Only 34 days to wait!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

32 down, a few more to go!!

Who knew knitting could be so tiring?! I feel exhausted! I think that I am going to start sewing up soon as possible, as I have only got three weeks to go! It may sound a bit early to start, but I have got 32 to sew up! It's going to be an extreme sewing up job! I am going to do one more week of knitting and then I am going to go straight to sewing up. I might even start doing a few tonight while watching T.V. I don't know whether I have made enough yet. Starting to panic about not getting everything done. Wish me luck!
Next week is my birthday so hoping to get lots of lovely knitting stuff too!
Have a nice week!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Etsy Shop

Twins and Needles have an Etsy shop!

Click the link below to go to the shop:
Twins And Needles Etsy shop

Monday, 28 October 2013

Big Knit!

Hope you're having a great week so far and enjoying this beautiful weather!! 
In the last few weeks I've been KNITTING some hats for innocent smoothies (I can't believe I can actually knit and pearl!!!) Sadly, they didn't ask me personally (they would have asked Olivia anyway!) It's all part of the big knit, which is all part of helping the charity Age UK. Innocent have asked everyone to make or buy a little woolly hat from beginners to experts, and are hoping to get 1 million little hats. Innocent will give 25p of every bottle they sell to Age UK to help keep older people keep warm, well and safe this winter. If you what to help and join the big knit, click on the hyperlink at the bottom of the page and get knitting.

Have fun if you are having a go this year,  if not try again next year!( you've only got until Thursday so get knitting!!!!!) :)

Love Maisie xxx

Click here:

The Big Knit Link

Sunday, 27 October 2013

spooky halloween knits!

While I was free for fifteen minutes I thought that I would look for some ideas for halloween as I thought that some little pumpkins or ghosts would be cool in me and Maisie's bedroom. I looked up 'knitting: halloween' on Pinterest, and there were such cool patterns. I have picked out a few of my favourites, but they are all pretty cool! I especially like the spooky vampire! I am going to try to make at least one little pumpkin. I don't think I can fit in the vampire quite yet! Maybe next year!
my spooky vampire!

my cute little pumpkin

pumpkin hat!

wrapped up bats!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Five down, Seven to go!

Last post I promised you that in this two week half term holiday I would make twelve baubles. As you can probably guess from the title, I have made five but have started my sixth one already. Don't start thinking that I am a super knitter though, as have been in the car a lot so have been able to knit then. Still, five in five days is pretty impressive!
Everything is going really well with the baubles but I am almost all out of red wool. Only one ball left! I am going to make four or five baubles using green though as I have around one and a half balls left of green and I might even have some left over from making some baubles last year. Still got loads of white left though. I think there will be enough. Fingers crossed! I hope you have a nice rest of your week. Happy knitting!!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

K1 knitting boutique!

When I went to Edinburgh in the summer holidays I went on a pilgrimage to a knitting shop I had seen once when we were driving down the road before but had never been in. I can now tell you that it is the most amazing knitting shop ever. It is called k1 knitting boutique. The window displays were amazing, the wool was all local or sourced from the uk, beautiful patterns ( including the cutest knitted loch ness monster pattern I have ever seen, which I unfortunately didn't get!) and just an amazing shop. There was amazing cashmere which was super soft!
I did buy two balls of different shades of purple to make a fair ilse hat with. I also got a pattern there, of course. Really busy trying to knit enough christmas baubles for the christmas fair now but when I am finished the christmas fair and a few christmas presents that will be my first project. Can't find the pattern at the moment to show you how nice it is but soon I will have the real thing to show you! Really hope that I haven't lost the pattern now! Please look up this amazing knitting shop. I will put a link at the bottom of this post. I think they even have the loch ness monster pattern on there somewhere! If you want to have a look at the owners blog there is a link on the side. The blog is called Kath and Jo.
 I am already on half term! Yippee!! I can do even more knitting and get even more done for the christmas fair so I am hoping to get around at least twelve done in this two week holiday. Wish me luck!
I hope you have a lovely rest of your weekend even if the weather is rainy!

Click here : K1 Yarns Web link


Saturday, 19 October 2013

Fantastic Fabric

Hope you're having a nice weekend , today I had a craft/baking day with my friend and my sister Olivia. We made tea cakes and between waiting for it to cool I finished my bunting for our stall and I sewed up some triangles for a piece of Christmas bunting for the stall. My mum has bought loads of beautiful Christmas fabric which I'm going to make lots of bunting with I've all ready started! We also got some very pretty cath kidson Christmas fabric, which I'm also making more bunting with !!! My friend is making some Christmas trees which are looking great! 
Can't wait till the stall (it's so close!)
We're on half term now so we will have a lot of time to sew:)!
I'm sorry I haven't given the instructions on how to make the big cushions like I promised ages ago! I will give them to you this week,so watch this space!!:)
Have a great rest of your weekend 
Love Maisie xx :) 


Bauble over load!

I can't believe how many baubles I have managed to make this week. I have made three this weekend and two in between school. Have also taught Maisie how to purl and knit two together and purl two together. I have made about sixteen baubles altogether, but have not had time to stuff them (have got about six or seven unstuffed). 
Am really excited as Arne and Carlos are taking part of the John Lewis knitathon which means they will be in London this Tuesday!!! Cried a little bit when found out that the day they were doing knitting classes, I was in school. Wish I could get a day off to see them! Still cannot believe they will be in John Lewis though. If any one is lucky enough to see them please leave a comment and tell me about it!
I hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend even though the weather has changed here!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Crazy for Christmas!!

Only 86 days till Christmas!!
For the last few weeks I have been thinking about what to sell on our Christmas stall. I've been making some bunting this weekend ready to sell. I've used some Cath kidston scraps I had in the cupboard and some bias binding I already had. I have cut some really lovely material for some beautiful bunting that I will make next weekend. This week my mum and I and have been eyeing up at some Christmas fabrics. Watch this space to see what we buy! Have a nice week!
Maisie xxx

    The new fabric for my bunting

   My finished bunting