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Monday, 15 September 2014

Winter is on its way

As the seasons start to change and nights get longer so do hours I knit. I started a new project which I haven't done for ages I felt almost excited at all the days of knitting ahead. My project is Christmas baubles, which although I know the pattern by heart, it still is quite exciting. I have started one called the Greek cross and the different wool is really great it isn't as course and nicer to knit with. I just hope it will hold it's shape as well as the last wool did. 

There are also quite a few wintery projects which I have started but never finished so apart from doing christmas baubles and am going to aim to try and finish all my projects before I start a new one although I can't promise anything! Got loads of lovely wool to get through as well as finding a really nice pattern for leg warmers online for free. As I said I cannot promise anything!!
Have a nice week,


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Bunting for School


I hope you had a good summer. During the summer holidays I made a piece of bunting for my friend for her classroom!  The hardest thing to do was picking out the fabric, I spent forty five minutes in our local sewing shop trying to choose the fabric!! In the end I choose red and white apple fabric even though I was in love with this beautiful pink flower fabric, but it had to be for boys too !!!! 

This year Olivia and I are having a table again at our school fair, so we will be busy again making christmas baubles and bunting, both Olivia and myself have started to gather our fabrics and wool!!!

Watch this space to find out when we start our christmas crafting!

Have a great week
Love Maisie x

Christmas Fabric

Saturday, 6 September 2014


Hi everyone!!
I haven't posted for ages as I have really busy with school work but now every things calmed down, I'm back! I finished the baby cardigan that I posted about last time and given it to it's new owners. It's really sweet and it will definitely keep her warm in the winters to come. That is my favourite part of making things for other people. By giving it away to someone who you know is going to use it, you feel like you have used your time wisely.
It is coming into knitting season and our little knitting elf has been and delivered us my lovely swedish wool. I have a different wool from last time as Arne and Carlos have started recommended a new wool which they prefer to the Heilo variety. It doesn't feel as coarse but is still tough enough to hold the shape. It is like a mix between Millamia and Heilo. I am really excited to use it!
Have a nice weekend!