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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Love heart Cushion!

Yesterday I started a new project as a christmas present. Unfortunately, I can't tell you who it is for as it is a secret but in my first post after christmas I'll tell you! The cushion is going quite slowly as I was watching a christmas movie while doing it but I have done around fifteen rows in an hour so still not to bad, although I would have liked to go a bit quicker as it only 62 stitches. My cushion is made from a book from rowan winter warmers and is knitted in rowan lima. I had so much rowan lima because earlier on this year I thought I was going to do something in rowan lima and there was a sale on  in my local knitting and sewing shop so I bought lots of it, so it is nice to use something. If I was not using right it would still be sitting in a cupboard somewhere so I might as well use it. It is looking really nice but it is quite loose so had to do some surgery on the first few rows! Have a lovely christmas. Only a week to go!

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