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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Easter eggs!

Yesterday I made some really lovely easter eggs, as you can probably guess from the title! They were so easy and once I got the hang of it the pattern was simple. It follows the same main pattern on each one and then you change it to the design you want. They are knitted on four double pointed needles and the three I have made all look really nice and will look great on some twigs on easter sunday as well as being great gifts. My favourite is the bunny (pictures are at the end of this post) but I have started another one which could take over first place! In the book there is a really cute knitted chicken( so adorable) which I am REALLY tempted to make, especially as I have chickens. There is quite a lot of wool involved though and the wings are all crocheted so think I might just have to resist!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Sewing Bee's Back


Haven't been sewing for ages, we took a break after the Christmas fair!!! Olivia's back on to the Easter bauls bauls and I hope to make something soon!!!!!! I've got the sewing bug again though from the amazing the great British sewing bee that's started !!!!! They're making amazing things that I'd like to try out from stunning prom dresses to children's fancy costumes!!!!! My favourite is Lynda, a deaf but very talented and lovely lady, who I really want to win!!!!!! Last week Cerina left the great British sewing bee, she was so nice and my favourite as well as Lynda !! She always did amazingly in the alteration challenge where she made a plain oversized blue top into a cute children's leotard and a pillow case, a long-sleeve pullover top and some comfy trousers into and pirates costume!!! The sewing Bee will never be the same!!!!! I can't wait till next Tuesday when it's on again !!!!!!!!!!

Have a lovely weekend 
Love Maisie xxxxx

( We'd love to see things that you've made so send us a comment !!!!! )


    Below ( right ) Cerinas pirate costume !!!!!

     Patrick and May the judges