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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Textile mill; school project

Hi, Olivia here!
I have been busy doing my school project on the industrial revolution, which has taken a lot of time but it wouldn't be complete without a little extra something crafted. I have knitted a textile mill based on Saltaire, which I visited on a school trip to Bradford. I had to make my own pattern which was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be as I obviously couldn't find a knitting patter for a mill or a coal mine. I didn't have much time so I thought that a mill would be easier to design than a coal mine. I started it on Sunday, as was on holiday for the whole of the week before so I only got five rows done and Monday morning I finished one side. One day to finish the other side and sew it up and stuff it. It really was tight! It looks quite cute apart from one of the bottom windows as it has come away from the other color but the rest of it is great. I am just using spare bits of yarn that I have left over from other projects. I have got through quite a lot of white so far and the grey that I am using for the main color of the mill looks like it mite just make it through the project but it feels good not to be buying new wool and using up stuff that I already have in the cupboard. It is a really simple pattern and is just in stocking stitch so I can just pick it up when ever and not have to worry about what part of the pattern I am on. I am glad to see the back of it though as I don't think it was one of my best projects!

Moving off that subject, the Easter eggs are looking really nice hanging off some twigs with yellow flowers on. It looks really summery and colorful. I still have one of the Easter eggs on the needles so I might try and get that finished after handing in my project and textile mill and resist starting a new project before finishing it otherwise it won't be done until next Easter! I think my next project will be my neck-warmer/hat which I will probably start today.
Have a nice weekend!

My Easter Egg-citements!

Hi, hope you had a great Easter.
last week I got a letter in the post from innocent smoothies and it said "Dear Maisie, we loved your incredible mini hats. You are a natural with a knitting needle. Your support is amazing - you are the tops. Love innocent x" I can't believe they wrote to me personally! I will definitely do it again this year!

My letter from Innocent Smoothies (the inside)

My letter from Innocent Smoothies

I have also been sewing a mill for my Industrial Revolution project!!! I put a plain browny grey fabric at the back,  I cut up some ribbon that I got from a present, for the windows and for the clock tower I used a spotty fabric and the browny fabric that I used for the back !!! It went very well for something that I made in a weekend! I hope my teacher will like it!!!

Have a great weekend
love Maisie x 

My textile mill  

My finished textile mill in my folder