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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Can't sew now I've got other things to do!!!!!

Hi ,
Today I've have more important things to do than sewing! I HAD to have a hot chocolate with cream AND a flake. Yum, yum!! ( I also had a delicious sausage sandwich with a squirt of ketchup )

My grandma has been busy this weekend making bunting for the queen's jubilee. She has done a great job for someone who hasn't got the sewing machine out for  30 years! (1982)

have a great week or half term. Maisie xxx

Brrr, it's cold! Snow Fall Scarf

Brrr, it's been so cold outside I decided to make a scarf with some wool I had at christmas! Started it this week and almost finished! Still got to do the tassles and sew up. Oliviax 

P.S Uncle Nick LOVES his hat! 

Saturday, 4 February 2012

New fabrics!!!!!!!:)

Got some lovely fabrics from Cath Kidston in the sale and completely forgot about them. They are so nice:). I found a really nice pattern for a bag so might use the blue fabric (duck egg) to make it. I love the floral pattern on them and just can't wait to use them. I think that will my next project. come back soon and see how I get on.

Finished! :)

I have finally finished my ribbed beanie hat!Here I have Mr pineapple modelling it but I think it will look better on uncle Nick!   

I hope he  likes it!