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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Fantastic Fabric

Hope you're having a nice weekend , today I had a craft/baking day with my friend and my sister Olivia. We made tea cakes and between waiting for it to cool I finished my bunting for our stall and I sewed up some triangles for a piece of Christmas bunting for the stall. My mum has bought loads of beautiful Christmas fabric which I'm going to make lots of bunting with I've all ready started! We also got some very pretty cath kidson Christmas fabric, which I'm also making more bunting with !!! My friend is making some Christmas trees which are looking great! 
Can't wait till the stall (it's so close!)
We're on half term now so we will have a lot of time to sew:)!
I'm sorry I haven't given the instructions on how to make the big cushions like I promised ages ago! I will give them to you this week,so watch this space!!:)
Have a great rest of your weekend 
Love Maisie xx :) 


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