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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Comfy cushion

I have been doing lots of sewing these last two months. I made a cushion for my grandma 's room when she comes to stay with us. It took a little while as we had our friend with us so there was lots of chatting. It took ages to pin the trimming on but I am really pleased with the result.
 Come back next week and see how we are getting on. Have a lovely Mothers day tomorrow. Maisie xxx :)

Another hat finished!!!!!!

I made a hat with very nice Rowan wool. The wool was so soft and cuddly:). It didn't take as long the other ribbed hat and the pattern maybe my favourite. This hat was made specially for my other uncle. It was for his birthday. It has been very annoying not being able to put it on the blog as it was a surprise so it is great being able to post it now.  I now have both of my two uncles both with my homemade hats! I just need to find some more uncles now!


Saturday, 3 March 2012

Happy Half Term Sewing!!

I had very busy half term but managed to squeeze in a day of sewing! I had a great time sewing with my friend. We both made envelope bags. It was great fun even though I stabbed my finger with a pin by accident OUCH! About to go off to a sewing party so will back to much more stuff to put on the blog:). I think I will make a bag.

My friend's bag.
My bag full of stuff!
Sewing heaven!