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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Knitting overload!

Hi! Olivia here,
Have been off for three days now and have got SOOOO much knitting in. I have been mostly focusing on my stocking and have got up to the heel and am now knitting in stocking stitch for about 25 more rows. It has been really complicated up untill now but the worst is now over. It is now just stocking stitch and then decreasing just like in a hat. Easy peasy! It will look lovely when it is finished and I love the wool. I have also been knitting two snoods for my cousins. Have finished one and the other is at least more than half way. Will do another post on them later. I will pop on some pictures now.
My stocking

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Fred & Eric - Ampersand

Fred & Eric loved the ampersand! It was great seeing it on their blog. I felt so proud! If you would like to see it the link is at the end of this post. I love the russian doll as the ampersand on their blog! check it out! I really hope you had a nice weekend.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Project for my Mum and Sister

How are you all?
My mum and my sister Olivia have asked me to make them a knitting needle case to go in their knitting bag. I'm going to make it with some flower Cath Kidson fabric on the outside and spots or stripes in the inside.
I'm going to make a big cushion for my bed with heart fabric on one side and flowers on the other side.I'm also going to make a medium one for me and small cushion one for my mum to go in the living room, both of them I'm going to make out my fabric from Japan. Come back soon to see how I get on!
Have a great weekend!
love Maisie

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Amazing Ampersand!

Hi! Olivia here!!!!
Have had an Ampersand to make, which I promised I would do for Fred & Eric productions, but has been hanging over me for ages. I started it ages ago and have cracked on with it today. Have just finished it and it looks great! It took a while to sew the small beads on, but it looks AMAZING! I really hope Fred & Eric, the company that I've made it for, like it. I wonder if they'll write about it on their blog...!

Here are some pictures! Please comment and tell me what you think of it.

Cath Kidson, Quilts and Cupcakes!

Hope you had a great christmas and a happy new year.
I got a pack of Cath Kidson books (sewing, stitch and patch books ) for christmas and hope to make something out of them.
I'm going to help my mum finish off a quilt for my little sister. But I haven't been sewing this weekend, because i've been too busy making cakes and biscuits!love Maisie xxx