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Monday, 15 September 2014

Winter is on its way

As the seasons start to change and nights get longer so do hours I knit. I started a new project which I haven't done for ages I felt almost excited at all the days of knitting ahead. My project is Christmas baubles, which although I know the pattern by heart, it still is quite exciting. I have started one called the Greek cross and the different wool is really great it isn't as course and nicer to knit with. I just hope it will hold it's shape as well as the last wool did. 

There are also quite a few wintery projects which I have started but never finished so apart from doing christmas baubles and am going to aim to try and finish all my projects before I start a new one although I can't promise anything! Got loads of lovely wool to get through as well as finding a really nice pattern for leg warmers online for free. As I said I cannot promise anything!!
Have a nice week,


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