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Saturday, 6 September 2014


Hi everyone!!
I haven't posted for ages as I have really busy with school work but now every things calmed down, I'm back! I finished the baby cardigan that I posted about last time and given it to it's new owners. It's really sweet and it will definitely keep her warm in the winters to come. That is my favourite part of making things for other people. By giving it away to someone who you know is going to use it, you feel like you have used your time wisely.
It is coming into knitting season and our little knitting elf has been and delivered us my lovely swedish wool. I have a different wool from last time as Arne and Carlos have started recommended a new wool which they prefer to the Heilo variety. It doesn't feel as coarse but is still tough enough to hold the shape. It is like a mix between Millamia and Heilo. I am really excited to use it!
Have a nice weekend!

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