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Saturday, 24 May 2014

An Almost Finished Cardigan!- 100th post!!!

I can't believe I have done 100 posts. It has gone way too quickly! Not only has this blog helped me improve my crafting skills but looking through my posts right from the very start the blog has got so much better. As it is the 100th post I thought that I would give you some exciting news. Last week I e-mailed Arne and Carlos and asked them wether they would like to do an interview. And guess what? They said yes! I am so excited. Watch this space!
  This week I have been busy trying to finish the baby cardigan. I am at the trickiest bit so far, so am having to concentrate occasionally! With all the pieces done I have started to join it all together. There are just under 150 stitches on the needles so I have to be very careful putting it back in the knitting bag and have already had a couple of accidents. Oops! I have got through the hardest part of it, which was the starting few rows but I am now on a roll.
I have been trying to do as much knitting as possible but I have to confess not much has been done as I have some important exams this week so have had to do a lot of revision. Obviously, I would much rather be knitting though! I can't until these exams are over so I can get going on the knitting again!
Have a nice weekend!


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post. I have really enjoyed following all your craft projects. Keep the posts coming!
    P.S. I hope the exams went well x

  2. Wow - that is awesome, keep it up...I cannot wait to hit my 100th. You both are so inspiring.