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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Cosy cushions!

I have been very busy knitting some beautiful cushions with the best rowan book ever, winter warmers. It has loads of really easy patterns in it hat look really effective. I have been making moss stitch heart cushions, one for my form teacher as an end of year present and one for my godmother's birthday. This cushion is called a moss stitch cushion because the heart inside the border is knitted in moss stitch.. It is knitted in alpaca chunky. It only uses over half a ball, so still have tons of the second ball left. Any ideas what i could do with it??
I forgot to take a picture because I gave them away but my godmother has promised she will send a picture so will update you as soon as I get the pictures, I have got a picture of the wool for the moment though. Have a nice summer!


  1. You could make a coaster or a mat... or a mug cosy...


  2. Hi!
    Thanks for the ideas! I especially like the idea of the mug cosy... I wonder where you could get a pattern for it? I saw a pattern for a crocheted mug cosy but I am yet to find a knitted one!