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Sunday, 27 April 2014

My Easter Egg-citements!

Hi, hope you had a great Easter.
last week I got a letter in the post from innocent smoothies and it said "Dear Maisie, we loved your incredible mini hats. You are a natural with a knitting needle. Your support is amazing - you are the tops. Love innocent x" I can't believe they wrote to me personally! I will definitely do it again this year!

My letter from Innocent Smoothies (the inside)

My letter from Innocent Smoothies

I have also been sewing a mill for my Industrial Revolution project!!! I put a plain browny grey fabric at the back,  I cut up some ribbon that I got from a present, for the windows and for the clock tower I used a spotty fabric and the browny fabric that I used for the back !!! It went very well for something that I made in a weekend! I hope my teacher will like it!!!

Have a great weekend
love Maisie x 

My textile mill  

My finished textile mill in my folder

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