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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My super-duper Interview with Debbie Bliss!

Last weekend I thought that I might as well tweet Debbie Bliss to see if she would do an interview with me. It was worth a try! As you might well know she is one of the U.K's biggest supplier's of wool and she is by far my favourite knitting designer, especially for baby knits. Guess what! She said that she would love to. I was so excited!(still am!) And I am so excited to share it all with you. To make things even better, she's now a follower on our twitter page! How cool is that! So, here is the interview...

Q:When did you start to knit?
Debbie Bliss's A:I think I was about five years old.

Q:Who inspired you to start knitting?
A:My mother taught me to knit?

Q:Out of all your patterns which one is your favourite?
A: That's a hard one! Perhaps my bunny booties because they were in my first book Baby Knits.

Q:Do you still get a chance to knit?
A:The design process always begins with a sketch and then a knitted swatch.I also tend to have something small on the go for when I am travelling.

Q:What has been your worst knitting disaster?
A:There has been to many just to pick one!

Q:What is the knitting project that you are most proud of?
A:I can't think of a particular design but I am proud to have been associated with Save The Children the last two years with their Christmas Jumper campaign.

Q:How long does it take yo make a pattern?
A:After working on the design and swatches I send a spec sheet with all the measurements and details to a pattern compiler. It could take some hours, a day or longer depending on the complexity of the design.

Q:Which knitting designer has been your favourite to work with?
A:Melody Griffiths was the first Knitting Editor to commission work for me and we worked together for many years. She combined a love for traditional stitches with a fashion look and I found her work inspirational. Sadly she passed away a few years ago.

Q: Do you have any unfinished knitting projects?
A:At the moment, two bobble hats that need Pom Poms.

Q:Can you remember your first knitting project?
A:I think it was a red cardigan for my doll Betty.

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