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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Christmas is coming!

For my birthday last week I got a delightful book written by two men, Arne and Carlos. It has 55 christmas balls which are all beautiful!!. I think my first one will be a snowman!!! The only thing was the lovely wool which they used in the book wasn't stocked in the U.K!! Had to call on America! I bought some 100% wool batting for stuffing which they suggested and has just arrived. So soft! I also got the lovely Dale of Norway "Miela" wool in cherry red and Off white and petrol blue. I hope they arrive on Monday! Will update you when it arrives! I was also going to get a silver and gold but could not find them. I will have another look on the Internet but might have to have it from America!!!!!


  1. Dear Olivia,
    Would you please upload a photo when you finished your first Christmas ball. I'm very excited you like knitting and the book of Arne and Carlos so mush. Good luck.
    Love, Annemiek from the Netherlands

    1. Thanks for commenting! I am counting the days until it arrives and am going to one as soon as the lovely wool has arrived!! Almost been 2 weeks now so should arrive soon!!! It is was so nice to have you visit the site and is really exciting to have someone comment from the Netherlands!