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Monday, 1 October 2012

Perfect purchases!!

Hi Olivia here!!!
I have just been to my local sewing and bought a lovely pattern as well as an amazing travel sewing kit. First the travel sewing kit. It is so cute!!! I love the tin it comes in but the stuff inside is so nice!!! In it you get these really cool scissors which fold up, a thimble, some white, blue, red and pink thread, six safety pins, a tape measure, some buttons and poppers, an unpicker and some needles!!!!!
The knitting pattern I got was also really nice. I have had some lovely softie wool for ages ( almost a year!!!) and needed to use it up. I set out to try and find a pattern to use it in. I found a really nice pattern for some slouchy slipper socks which are really nice and comes with three other patterens and was only £2.99!!!! Although I will have to buy two more balls of wool they look so nice it is worth it and just wanted to get rid of that wool!!!!!

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