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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Home is where the heart cushion is!


I've got tons of new stuff to put on this blog post, as I've been away for the past week on a school trip to France and have got up to lots of stuff since I've got back.

First thing is to show you my cushion. While I was away my mum was busy sewing up my cushion which I  had finished knitting, but had not yet sewn up, and when I got back it was a really lovely surprise to find it finished and ready to snuggle! It used the nicest Rowan wool and is incredibly
soft. The finished result will be on this post, but the start of it is on my first post if you want to check that out. 

While I was away on my school trip in France, I went to a market in Dieppe which had the best sewing stool. I did not buy any of the beautiful fabric as it would not have fitted in my suitcase, but could not resist getting something, so bought some lovely lace for two euros! Really good quality and tons of
it there.

Happy crafting!

Olivia x

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