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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Baby Blanket!

 My knee is feeling better and have just taken off my huge bandage. The doctor has said that I need to rest  it and am having the stitches taken out in two weeks. Am hobbling along for now but it should soon get better. I think I'll stick with knitting for week or so!
Have been knitting a baby blanket and it is so nice! I am using some very nice Debbie Bliss wool called cashmerino aran. I have not used very much Debbie Bliss wool as mainly use Rowan but I love the colours I am using and the softness of it is lovely! It is also a very easy knit. I know I should finish a project before I start planning my next but I have found a nice pattern for an embroidery in a Cath Kidston book. Here is a picture of the blanket.


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